RRD Passion 3m 2013


The new RRD Passion MKV is designed to open o new world to all freeride enthusiasts. Exceptional power delivery and stability are just two of the features that make it a reliable and versatile kite. It is designed with a special focus on ease of use and comfort, so it can accommodate any rider. It is the kite advanced riders need to boost big airs and enjoy fast speeds and the kite entry level riders need to learn the secrets of kiteboarding and progress.

With the RRD Passion MKV any freeride session is awesome. The kite is optimized to deliver solid power, yet it is really forgiving and easy to handle. The Passion behaves predictable in virtually any conditions, starting with gusts and ending with marginal winds. The ‘more’ delta leading edge arch assures easy handling and a smooth flight. The leading edge features a shorter length to assure a constant power delivery and enhanced stability.

At the same time, the leading edge is slightly thicker in the central section, providing a stiff and stable support for the entire canopy. The Passion MKV does not flutter, has almost no drag and it is able to maintain its original shape in shifting winds. The tips are optimized to provide fast and controllable turns. The Passion offers a constant and comfortable bar pressure, making steering a piece of cake. It also provides a quick feedback to any input. It offers total depower and instant relaunch, so it is easy to drive around for hours.

The smallest Passion (3m) is the perfect tool for novice riders that need to learn the basics of kiteboarding and for schools. It uses only two struts, unlike the other models that use a five strut configuration. The Passion is built using a Tejin T9600 Canopy plus additional reinforcements in key areas.