Reef Pro Plugs / Ear Plugs


Reef Pro Plugs 

Inflammation of the ear is a problem that many people who are interested in water sports such as swimming, surfing and diving often face.

Reef plugs is specially designed for sensitive and easily inflamed water sports lover. Multi-layer earptip is effectively waterproof. Tail shark fin design makes the earplug fixed in the ear edge, safe and not easy to fall off.

The ergonomic acoustic filter is perfectly matched with the eartip, and the high-density Mesh and acoustic membrane not only for waterproof, but also conduct sound high fidelity processing, so as to keep the hearing smooth, be alert enough to the danger signal, and be safe enough.

You can enjoy the pleasure of exercise, but no need worry about inflammation of the ear, also no need to worry about loss of earplugs or worry about missing the danger signal!