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Rappit Neoprene Necklace

Rappit Neoprene Necklace

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Rappit - Neoprene Band - Fix you hat, cap or eyewear for your next water sport or wind adventure!


RAPPIT – Introducing our easy to wear neoprene band for hats, caps and eyewear. This comfortable neoprene band can be worn around the neck, the cord secure your loved cap or hat on your body. Ideal for your next kite-surf, boat, SUP, waterski, sailing, climbing or cycling trip.

Why lose it, when you can just rappit?! 


RAPPIT – Introducing our easy to wear neoprene band for hats, caps and eyewear. Add your favorite sunglasses to the mix, with our flexible sunglass strap that fixes them onto your head while you hit the water without any fear. Wind or waves, you will never lose your favorite sun protection item again.

Why lose it, when you can just rappit?! 

RAPPIT Sports likes. to be outdoors and supports you in your next sport, water and travel adventure. No matter which continent, which mountain, which sea or risk, whatever you want to cross - we have set ourselves the goal of providing you with useful products.

RAPPIT collar and goggle strap Attachment of hat and goggles for sport, water, wind and outdoor, neoprene

  • FIXED SEAT - The strap is unisex and adapts universally to every body shape. The polyester cord on the collar can be used to securely attach hats, caps and sunglasses to the body using the extra goggle strap. The goggle strap is elastic for every head and can securely attach temples up to 10mm wide. Protection against loss of your sportswear
  • MATERIAL - Use of high quality CR neoprene, durable, floating and easy to dry. The inside of the collar is anti-slip and is very comfortable to wear
  • neoprene
  • FLEXIBLE USE - Wide range of applications in many sports and outdoor activities. Ideal for wind and water sports, especially SUP, kite surfing, surfing, sailing, boating, paddling, fishing but also simply for the beach or for cycling and climbing
  • Love it! Enjoy your hobby, sun, wind and water without worrying about losing your headgear or glasses. Live it


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