NxtL3vel Antibacterial Wetsuit & Watersports Wash

NxtL3V3L Wetsuit wash is an intelligent disinfectant detergent specifically designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria in your wetsuit. Did you know that the smell in your wetsuit is caused by bacteria? Keep your gear clean and smelling fresh.

Wetsuits can be washed and hung out to dry without using the rinse cycle. NxtL3V3L wash protects the neoprene and helps “lube” it which helps to get your wetsuit on with ease.

Washing Machine:

Pour 25ml into machine dispenser for 10L water load & wash.

DO NOT add any other detergent or chemicals.

For a full top loader use 50ml.

Hand Wash:

Pour 25ml into a 10L container of clean water, foam up & wash as usual, rinse & dry.

Wetsuits: Can be washed & hung out to dry without a clean rinse cycle - water saving benefit.

For items that carry INTENSE ODOURS, rub undiluted liquid onto the area on the garment or into the whole garment or accessory gear.

Leave to soak for 5mins - 24 hours.

Wash normally after soaking, rinse & dry.