North Whip Thruster 5'6 / 2015

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2015 North Whip Kite-Surfboard

Indiana Jones won't be the only one carrying around a whip to distant lands. Once you've grabbed the newly-designed North Whip, you'll be snapping on the waters. As you're riding, you'll see that the whip is great for small, on-shore, "mushy" waves (read as: flat-faced) without much of a curve.

North Kiteboarding Changing Up Surf Kiteboards With Their Compact Surf Concept

New to 2015, North Kiteboarding has introduced their Compact Surf Concept (CSC). As the name suggests, this idea is all about making the board more compact (read as: shorter) with more parallel rails. North mentions that the CSC can have a variety of performance benefits for riders. The CSC makes surf kiteboards easier to ride due to their increase in stability - especially through chop when you're heading full speed. CSC boards are faster and are easier to maneuver for aerial and on-shore tricks. The smaller the swing weight in the nose, cancelling out any effects of the wind throwing you off. With the smaller board design, you're also going to see a shift in the center of gravity to a more stable, concrete feeling, allowing you to fully dominate the board.

North has placed their CSC concept into two of their surf kiteboards:


Features a double-concave deck, which gets your feet closer to the water for additional control. North suggests that the Whip kiteboard is great for strapless riding. This board will stick to your feet like glue, allowing you to score some awesome aerial maneuvers. North mentions that the Whip is meant for smaller, on-shore, "mushy" waves (read as: flat-faced) without much of a curve.

"With the North Compact Surf Concept (CSC) you get a more "pack-able" board with the same rail line and feel of your typical short-board. As a bonus, the reduced swing weight will allow you to get all kinds of flippy, spiny, crazy without extra board length to worry about. Basically the front 10" of your current board goes unused 99.8% of the time you are kiting, so why not just chop it off? Less is more!"

See what North has to say about the Whip

The popular Whip from last year gets a radical redesign for 2015; yet it still delivers maximum performance in small to medium sized waves. The board features a wide stable platform making it easy to ride, but also helping it to maintain speed when on the wave. In choppy conditions the new cork shock absorber helps to smooth out the bumps and the rocker line and rail shape combine to give a very smooth ride. The Whip is easy to ride and designed to be forgiving and make you look good on the water. If new school strapless freestyle tricks are your favourite pastime, then the Whip offers excellent control and agility in the air, it will stick to your feet like glue. Make the easy choice, choose the Whip.

The Whip features a new Compact Surf Concept shape, Bamboo Tech Construction, tight bottoms turns, and good grip.