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Cream Surf Wax

Cream Surf Wax

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With over 20 years on the professional surfing tour, Robbie Page came across this significant new wax traction technology, which he believes will bring a much needed revolution in an industry, which has suffered from a lack of innovation over the last 40 years.
Big developments have always been small in scale – traction is the key to anyones surfing experience. Complacency in developing new traction technology to solve the problems experienced by today’s surfers is where it began, but now finally the problem is solved with the new CREAM BIG BLOCK!!! Ask for it by name a your local surf shop.

Built on the values of Innovation, Inspiration, Environment, Unity, Alignment and Productivity, Robbie assembled the Cream Surfing Team featuring some of the most respected people and minds in the surfing and corporate world.

The Cream Surfing Team is charged with the mission of improving ultimate wave-riding experience providing surfers with surfing essentials.Leave us your details so we can inform you about our next product innovation!!

100% Australian-made. Hand-poured in Small Batches
along the coast of NSW, Australia.

More importantly, Cream Surf Wax is the only no-melt formula in the world. We have left boxes of our Wax in our car on a tropical day for months and the wax maintains it shape and is the same the day it was made.
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