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Cabrinha Phantom

Cabrinha Phantom

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SIZES: 5'6" X 18.5" X 2.1" X 23L/ 5'9" X 19.1" X 2.2"X 25.5L

Speed, Power, Flow.   Three words that have become synonymous with wave riding over the years.   A very rare few are born with a natural ability to make this happen with ease. Others need to make sure they are on the correct craft to really exploit the oceanic mountains they choose to ride.

The Phantom is the next generation of high performance kite surf boards.   Specifically designed for the forces of kiting, the Phantom really comes into it’s own in real surf conditions.   The curvy outline and rounded pin tail give you the confidence required to crop into that bottom turn, or carve off the lip.  The IsoFlex construction also allows for increased grip and drive during those critical turns.

4 fin or Thruster, you can choose your style of riding between full power carves, or critical vertical hits.

Round pin tail, lean and curved outline, progressive rocker and 5 fin setup.

  • NEW: IsoFlex - Lightweight fiberglass sandwich construction with PVC deck reinforcement.
  • CNC machined High density EPS core for a precise shape and superior flex characteristics
  • Thinned out rail flow with smooth tuck-line transition for improved carving and control
  • Deep single concave for ultimate grip and control
  • round pin, wide point centered for a well balanced board that promotes control in top to bottom surfing
  • Progressive rocker line for ultimate drive and turning in critical sections

Includes: full Dakine Modular EVA pad and molded thruster fin setup.


The new rounded pin tail of the board is the perfect fusion between the grip and control needed when charging down the line and pushing into his speed carves and volume to aid in earlier planing.


Inspired by more traditional shaped boards, the Phantom thrives in larger more powerful surf, and really excels as conditions get bigger.


5 fin option allows you to choose the style of riding you prefer. 3 fin thruster set up for a more vertical top to bottom turn, or the quad set up for a faster more carving ride.

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