Cabrinha H-Series MKII Foil Wings

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SIZES: H550 / H700 / H850 / H1050 / H1300

Just when you thought a product couldn’t get better, the new H-Series MkII pushes into the future of foil design and sets a new benchmark for efficiency and performance.  The design team have implemented new technology learnt from the collaboration with Sintef.  Water testing in the biggest tank in Europe has refined the H-series tip shape to allow the tips to breach and re-enter without cavitation.  This allows more progressive riding and radical turns, be it with a kite, wing or prone.  The new leaner profile now boasts an increased speed range which helps entry into freestyle tricks or on the race field.  It seamlessly pairs with any of Cabrinha’s V-series stabs and is part of the modular Cab Fusion system. 

High aspect ratio, swept outline, Ultra lean efficient profile, moderate anhedral with flared tips.

  • Ultra Efficient Design
  • Ultra Lean Profile
  • Refined Tip Shape.
  • Tapered Fit
  • Increased Torsional Stiffness
  • High Aspect Ratio
  • Barrel Nut Secure Connection
  • Pre Preg Carbon Construction
  • Modular Design to work with Cab Fusion Products
  • H550- 550cm², WS 690, AR 9.52, Chord 110mm
  • H700- 700cm², WS 815, AR 9.49, Chord 120mm
  • H850- 850cm², WS 900, AR 9.53 Chord 130mm
  • H1050- 1050cm², WS 1000, AR 9.52, Chord 140mm
  • H1300 - 1300c m ², WS 1090, AR 9.14, Chord 150mm

    Set includes:

    Wing cover, 2 x m6x30mm, 1 x m6x15mm, m6 barrel nut, screws.


    Foiling is one of the most diverse watersports. From using the power of waves, wind or yourself to propel you above the water, there are so many ways to enjoy this unique feeling. Each aspect is different, each rider is different, so we offer a modular approach to building a foil to allow you to build what you need, just how you want it.


    The front wing is the most integral part of the foil setup, and defines the feel and direction of your experience. We offer 3 different collections of front wings to suit all levels and disciplines of foiling.

    X Series MKII:  Maneuverability, versatility, stability.

    H:Series:  High Speed Maneuverability.

    H: Series MKII: Glide, Efficiency, performance.    


    The stabilizer provides directional control and stability to your set up.  Do not be afraid to mix and match between styles, and experiment to find out what works best for you. General rule of thumb, smaller stabilizers are more maneuverable and less stable, larger stabilizers offer more stability and a locked in riding feel.

    V Series:  Perfect for whatever style.  180 for a loose fast ride, 230 for all round and 285 for the ultimate stability.


    The Length of the fuselage can completely unlock the next level of performance in your Hydrofoiling Experience. With multiple sizing options available, a short fuselage is for increased maneuverability, a longer fuselage will provide more stability.

    Fusion Fuselages: 

    Multiple Lengths to suit your riding style (only applicable with X and V Series Stabilizers).

    • 276 mm: Excellent maneuverability (Available in Alloy)
    • 346mm: All round performance and reliable stability (Available in Alloy or Carbon)
    • 416mm: Maximum stability (Available in Alloy)


    The backbone of the hydrofoil system is the mast.   With two different material options and a range of sizes, we have a mast to match every riders ability, preference, and foiling discipline.

    Fusion Carbon Mast Hollow:  Superior Technical Design.  Lightweight, High speed profile, and maximum response.

    Sizes:  74cm, 84cm, 94cm

    Fusion Alloy Mast MKIIThe Versatile System.   Durability, stiffness and accessibility. 

    Sizes: 40cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm

    Two plate options are also available for the Fusion Alloy Mast.  The standard Fusion Alloy Top Plate, or the quick connecting FQR system.


    The final link in the chain is deciding on the mast length you need. Sport, location and ability all play a key roll in this step, but with many options available, there is something to suit all styles.


    40cm: Entry into the sport:  Wing Foil / Surf Foil / Kite Foil
    65cm: Surf Foil / Wing Foil 
    74/75cm: Wing Foil / Surf Foil / Kite Foil 
    84/85cm: Wing Foil / Surf Foil / Kite Foil / Tow Foil
    94/95cm: Wing Foil / Kite Foil / Tow Foil