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Cabrinha Autopilot Foil Board

Cabrinha Autopilot Foil Board

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SIZES: 4'6'' X 20.8'' X 2.9'' X 36L / 4'10" X 21.1" X 2.12" X 40.6L / 5'2" X 21.8" X 3" X 45.1L / 5'6" X 22" X 3" X 48.5L

The all new Autopilot is designed to excel in a wider range of foil boarding styles and conditions. The higher volume of the Autopilot makes paddling a simple task when surfing, while the concave deck shape keeps your feet as close to the hydrofoil as possible. It’s unique convex bottom shape displaces water while paddling, providing less wetted surface the faster you paddle.

The Autopilot’s round kick tail design does two important things: It allows you to make a smooth flowing turn close to the water without catching on hard corners. The angle of the kick tail helps to pop the board into flying position and it keeps the tail from touching the water when pumping.

The Autopilot's industry standard 9cm mast mounting track pattern works perfectly with the all new Cab Fusion performance line of hydrofoils.

The Autopilot can be ridden as a surfboard, wing surf board or as a kite foil board.  Making it one of the most versatile hydrofoil boards available.

 High volume, max lean angle, efficient launch.

  • EPS Core - Light weight & buoyant
  • Durable composite sandwich construction
  • Concave deck for positive control
  • Beveled rails for increased and forgiving lean angle
  • Industry standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators 
  • High volume design for improved stiffness and paddling power
  • Belly nose design for forgiving touch-down.
  • Carbon innegra deck construction with carbon stringer
  • 3 or 2 strap insert configuration

    Included with the board: Rear pad and foil mounting hardware. (NOTE: Straps sold separately).

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