Xtreme Accessories - Xtreme Freewell Spin Pole

The 360 Spin Carbon Fiber Monopod from Freewell is:

  • Efficient – The monopod is designed using lightweight but strong material to ensure longer life and prolonged continuous use of the monopod. The monopod stick comes with an advanced aluminum collar lock telescopic system which is fluted and anodized and makes it easily extendable from 50 cm to 91 cm.
  • Effective – The monopod stick allows you to take perfect pictures and images using action camera or smartphone effectively.
  • Versatile – The design of the monopod allows its mount portion to detach and attach to most universal photography mounts and tripods according to the requirement. The snap—fit remote holder prevents worrying about capturing ideal images while on the move.
  • Dynamic – The monopod can be adjusted easily to work in Pan and Tilt modes. Simply loosen the back-rotating lock to ‘PAN’ and secure the camera in position by tightening it in place. The slide lock can be loosened to tilt the camera angle and secure the camera in place by tightening the mount screw.

The 360 Spin Carbon Fiber Monopod from Freewell is the perfect choice for taking excellent and stable photographs and footage. The versatile monopod can be easily fitted to any popular action camera or smartphone.