Seventy-One Da Cat Sun Stick

Sun Stick SPF 50+ Da Cat is the super-high sun protection stick from Seventy One Percent for those sensitive parts of your face.

The very high protection filters contained in its complete and water-resistant formula act as a barrier against UVA and UVB rays, and active antioxidants and moisturizers protect your skin in all conditions from the wind, saltwater, and cold when you’re in the ocean or relaxing on the beach.

Its black color is a tribute to the surfing legend Miki « da cat » Dora.

Nomadic, compact, and conveniently travel friendly, you can tote this transparent stick everywhere from the Basque Country to California.

Merci mon ami! Made in France and tested under dermatological control.

Mix Da Cat stick with the Sun Stick 50+ Deep Blue, two colors that help protect your eyes by reducing the sun’s reflection to a minimum.

How to use it: Simply apply the Sun Stick SPF 50+ Da Cat to all the sensitive areas of your face: cheekbones, nose, forehead, and even your lips. For best results, re-apply between sessions.