North - Comp Surfboard 2021

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Comp Strapless Freestyle Surf Designed to be ridden fast and powered up, our dedicated strapless freestyle board delivers compact performance with explosive pop. Refined in 2021 for increased top-end, added control, grip and response. The Comp is designed to stick with you through manoeuvres and pop on-demand. Compact in size and very grabbable, its directional parallel outline with narrow, sharper rails allows for speed and edge control in a range of conditions, while the smooth progressive rocker design with tail channels assists with hard, fast landings. The Comp’s wide but low-volume tail allows sink and pop for freestyle in flatter water, and the bevelled release rails allow water to shed off the rail and the board to load and release on demand. The contoured double concave deck with toe arch and rear wedge kick maximises traction and control when powered up, allowing you to take to the air without straps. Push your limits with the Comp, your competitive edge. NEW narrower outline The compact directional parallel outline is a minimal size with hard, sharp rails to allow for speed and edge control in a range of conditions. The outline has been pulled in slightly at the nose and tail for 2021, adding control and increasing top-end performance, while the lower volume tail allows more sink and pop for freestyle in flatter water. NEW tail channels Tail channels for grip, response and cushioned landings with less bounce on touchdown NEW increased rocker line The rocker is smoothed into a clean curve nose to tail, helping the board to stick to your feet during strapless tricks Futurelite technology Carbon and Innegra Futurelite wireframe forms a structural skeleton to support the laminates, maximising strength without losing flex, and allowing the board to load and release power on demand for more drive and responsiveness. NEW VectorNET impact resistant grabbable rails New VectorNET carbon fiber diamond weave adds rail impact resistance while maintaining flex. Grabbable rail profiles on the top deck enable easy handling in the air and on the beach. FCSII premium fin box New lighter weight premium fin box allows for 9-degree rake. Compatible with both FCSI and click-in keyless FCSII fins for more speed & drive, quicker acceleration, and more response from your board. High-density foam reinforcements surrounding the FCSII fin box are shaped to match the curved template of the finbox for a clean bond and smoother load transfer into the board. Fin boxes, leashplug and footstrap inserts are structurally integrated, locking in to the laminate with the Futurelite carbon innegra system to give extra reinforcement and flex-tuning. DualShock EVA inserts With a NEW stronger fibreglass layup under the main impact areas adds more durability and helps reduce denting around your heel. Our solution to reduce over-engineering, keeping the boards lightweight while retaining required flex. Woven carbon tail reinforcement Spreads the load under the kickpad and gives impact resistance and torsional stiffness under the rear foot. No-Slip deck grip with toe bump and rear wedge kicker Micro-corduroy textured EVA deckpad with intuitive front toe bump and rear wedge kick for maximum traction and control. Concave deck contours Cushy deck contours embed the rider, enhancing control when powered up and adding another dimension for contact in the air, giving you the confidence to go big with without straps and stick the landing. Bevelled release rails Allow the board to load and release from the water on demand. The bevelled rail profile reduces the suction effect of a round rail so water can shed off the rail and not wrap onto the deck. This allows the board to release off the water faster when loading and popping. Recommended Hexcel Coremat fins sold separately Lightweight fibreglass raked thruster surf fins with a balanced template for smooth control and projection. New custom fin base shape no longer requires FCSII infills. Fins sold separately. Includes Board, Leash Attachment Loop Board, Leash Attachment Loop