Derevko - Neoteric Teens 4/3 Wetsuit

Designed for those cold winter mornings, our 4.3mm wetsuits feature all our signature technology, comfort and fit!


G5 Flex Rubber - Our G5 neoprene is designed to offer un-paralleled stretch, allowing the wetsuit to mould and conform to your body’s natural extensions resulting in complete control and freedom of movement.

Sealed Seam System - An ultra-thin layer of G5 neoprene is heat fused onto the inside seam line to ensure 100% barrier against water entry while still retaining full stretch.

Feather Lite - We’ve spent over 10 years refining our G5 neoprene to provide maximum warmth and reducing core material weight to get our wetsuits as light as possible to make your sessions as enjoyable as possible.

Fire Fiber - This brushed, forgiving and inviting material contains insulating yarn that traps your body heat and reflects it back to you. This accelerates the rise of in temperature in your muscles and core.