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Cabrinha 2018 Drifter 7m / Pre-Owned

Cabrinha 2018 Drifter 7m / Pre-Owned

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2018 Drifter 7m


White / Sunset

Wave riders

The design of the Drifter preserves its legendary drift stability while widening its range of use. With a new lighter bar pressure option and Onshore and Offshore settings, the Drifter performs in any and all surf conditions. And when it comes to surf freestyle the Drifter gives you the pop and control needed to perform at the highest level.

3 Strut, Hybrid design, Wing tip coning, 2 bridle setting options. Revisions to the arc, outline and profiles.

More power and versatility, smooth pivots and buttery drift for wave riding domination.

The Drifter has become a legend for many dedicated wave riders.

In 2018 the Drifter has raised the bar even higher with some better low end power, more range and increased versatility. The Drifter keeps the solid feel as the Drifter but adds refinement and feel with some added low end power, better jumping prowess and improved overall wind range.

The Drifter may have moved itself a bit more beyond just the waves. Test riders were impressed with the Drifter for its smooth power delivery, and the smooth and consistent pull through its entire loop. The reliable feedback and overall power range, combined with perfect drift and balance make the Drifter a champion in the waves.

Whereas the older Drifter models were ideal at the set-it-and-forget-it and let it drift, this version is more reactive and responds quicker to turn initiation and seems faster through the full pivot. It offers just the right amount and the equal amount of pull through the full pivot so you won’t get yanked off your board when riding strapless and transitioning or finishing bottom turns.

The Drifter also has some great tuning options for riding in onshore or more side-off waves. The setting can essentially keep the kite more forward in the window for onshore and deepens it for side-off action where you need the kite to depower in the window for perfect slack line drift.

With the added low end power, the Drifter is definitely a more universal design for freeride disciplines and can boost and pop for freestyle or twintip riding, or freestyle surf. The multi-disciplined rider that focuses on waves, directional and foil board riding will appreciate the overall performance of this kite. The new Cabrinha control bar set up is more streamlined and much lighter than previous versions and its design enhances feedback and direct handling of the kite.

Not a lot of faults to this new Drifter in the waves, it doesn’t have the aggressive boost and glide of freeride kites like a Switchblade

More universal than ever, the Drifter will appeal to the intermediate to advanced level riders that want smooth control and handling for riding waves or just a great performing kite that’s adaptable to most freeride applications.

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