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Cabrinha 2019 Double Agent Foil 135 / Pre-Owned

Cabrinha 2019 Double Agent Foil 135 / Pre-Owned

R 4,990

Good Condition.



Cabrinha Double Agent 2019 Kite Foilboard

The 2019 Cabrinha Double Agent is a performance hydrofoil board that’s incredibly easy to ride and can quickly converts into a fun surf skate.


SIZE: 135 x 46

One board. Two uses. A performance hydrofoil board that’s incredibly easy to ride. Quickly converts into a fun surf skate.

A rider who wants a board that crosses seamlessly between surf skating and hydrofoiling.


  • Fun multi use board: foil / surf skate / wake surf
  • Easy to use and progress
  • Lively and responsive shape
  • Single concave to angled v-tail channels provides exceptional grip
  • Strapless, 2 or 3 strap configuration - for a fully customizable ride
  • Full EVA deck pad - thick & comfortable
  • TT quad fins for surf skate / wake surf use
  • Compatible with the modular HI:RISE foil system

At A Glance

The Double Agent is a crossover board from Cabrinha, aimed at the rider wanting a hydrofoil board capable of that little bit extra. Anyone who has been kiting for over 15 years will remember the buzz of riding a skimboard back in the day and the Double Agent presents plenty of opportunities for fun.

The board features a fairly flat rocker with plenty of nose kick and a tapered swallow tail with full deck grip. It’s built to be tough and can be set up in a myriad of configurations. There are options for double in-line straps or a Y strap formation. You can add a quad fin set up for playing in the surf and of course, there are the holes for mounting a hydrofoil.

Construction-wise the emphasis is on stiffness, this is to make it work as a foil board. It certainly feels tough and like it will last a few seasons at the beach.

On The Water

Stiff was the first comment made when we rode this board. Often hydrofoil boards in this construction end up flexing, and you lose that connection with the foil below. Not so with the Double Agent, the board felt responsive and worked well with the hydrofoils we tried it on.

Cabrinha opted for 4 bolt holes on the Double Agent, and that works just fine, saves on weight and no doubt makes it a better crossover board in the waves. However, with some of the larger Cabrinha foils the ability to move the mast back on the board would be good. You can compensate by standing further forwards on the board of course, but with such a range of foils now on the market the track system, will always have an advantage.

If you plan on using this board with more standard-sized kite foils, then you won’t have this issue at all. The Double Agent should prove a fun board to ride in the waves, especially in light winds and small waves where the stiff nature and flatter rocker will help you get going early. At this stage aren’t able to give a first-hand report, however, as we only rode it as a hydrofoil setup on this occasion. Sadly time and testing conditions were against us (as can be the nature with kitesurfing!).


Well built, well thought out and with a multitude of options in terms of setup: fins, no fins, foil, straps, no straps, Y straps. There should be a setup to suit any rider here. All we need next is a double-track system to create perhaps the most versatile board out there.


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