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Brunotti 2016 Rise Wakeboard 139 / Pre-Owned

Brunotti 2016 Rise Wakeboard 139 / Pre-Owned

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Good Condition.

Brunotti Rise 2017 Wakeboard

  • Flat Base
  • Flat Tips
  • Solid Chassis Technology
  • M6 Inserts (6 inch)
  • Finless Slider Base
  • Full Wood Core

Category: Wakeboard, High Performance Boards

Wakeboard Tech - Rider developed product

Every board has its own flex characteristics, these flex characteristics partly determine if a board is comfortable and forgiving, or, stiff and unforgiving. The more flex, the more obstacle-oriented, the less flex, the more invert-oriented. The rocker of a board determines the speed (less rocker), and the pop (more rocker). Apart from that, a board with more rocker will also be easier to turn and will be more playful then a board with less rocker. The bottom shape of a board plays a key role in determining if a board has masses of grip, if the board performs well on obstacles, or if the board will be easy to control during high speeds landings. Channels in the tips or base of the board will increase the performance of the board by increasing the grip and pop. The rounder an outline is, the easier a board will turn. But a rounder outline also means narrower tips, which decreases the stability on landings. A straighter outline will result in a less playfull board, but will also increase the speed, pop and stability while landing.

Brunotti Rise 2017 Wakeboard Features

  • 1C Shape: The perfect shape for freeride and freestyle in al circumstances. This shape offers a predictable ride while still pushing you in order to progress.
  • ADR Tech: (Active Diamond Rail) Our ADR-tech is our no-compromise solution when it comes to freeride/freestyle. It provides a superlative grip due to the sharp rail, which also results in exceptional upwind performance.
  • Wood Core: Our specifically engineered wood cores provide a perfect balance between stiffness for solid pop, and flex for a comfortable ride.
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