Full Spectrum Kite & Board Repair Center

As you know Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and it’s essential your gear is serviced regularly to avoid unnecessary accidents & possible injury. We recommend servicing your gear every 4 months.

Smaller repairs are completed in store with a same day turnaround.

Bigger repairs are sent to our factory with the goal of getting you back on the water ASAP.

*We offer discounted rentals on substitute gear for duration of the repair.

What We Fix:


Canopy & Strut Repairs: We check for pinholes, tears, and stitching wear.

Bladder Repairs: We check for delamination, punctures, popped or twisted bladders & leaky valves.

Bridal Line Repairs: We check for stretched, knotted or worn bridals. These can sometimes be repaired. If too damaged they will need to be replaced in pairs.


Line Repairs: Flying & steering lines are constantly stretching so we check to make sure your lines are all the same length. We also check for knots & try to remove them, making sure the lines are not too worn once unknotted. The de-power strap, chicken-loop & safety lines are all checked for wear & corrosion.


We repair delaminated, snapped or chipped boards and we also sort fins.

FEE: R300 service fee for full spectrum gear check. You will be quoted on repairs and any parts that need replacing within 48hrs. Repairs can take up to two weeks depending on the issues, during which time clients have access to our rental gear at discounted prices.