July 28, 2022 2 min read

Kitesurfing in Cape Town can be a lot of fun, but it’s even better when you’re rocking a hydrofoil through the water. It’s fast, highly manoeuvrable and light, taking your kitesurfing to another level. The best part is that you don’t even need that much wind to get moving.

North Kiteboarding has launched their 2022 North Foil collection, which will take your foiling to a whole new level. With new technological innovations in the design, you can take to the ocean and experience the immensely satisfying sense of freedom and excitement.

North 2022 Kitesurfing Wing Cape Town

Nova Freeride Wing

The new Nova Freeride Wing boasts rigid grip lock handles, giving you much more control when out on the water. Just a flick of the wrist is enough to steer with micro precision, and you only need to use one hand. This reduces fatigue, so you can be out on the water for longer.

The new outline of the wing also features a bigger sweet spot for catching that wind like a champ with ease.

Sonar Modular Foil System

The upgraded Sonar Modular Foil System features a higher aspect carbon stabiliser and a longer 700 mm fuselage, giving you better lift and more control across a variety of foiling disciplines, including prone, kite and wing foiling.

What’s more, the modular nature of the new foil system means that you can attach it and adjust it with ease using the DropBox fast foil-mounting system.

North 2022 Foil Collection Swell Board Cape Town

Seek And Swell Boards

The new Seek Wingfoil Board design will make getting up on the foil a lot easier. Thanks to the new design, it is more forgiving. 

The reason for this is that the profile of the rocker has been updated, and additional curves were introduced between feet, thereby making the waterline length bigger. 

The Swell Foil Surf Board has also received some nifty design updates, with more rocker added to the board. This enables the rider to make harder turns and gives more bounce, even off whitewashes.

The bevelled rails underneath the board feature a concave design, which can help give you a better grip when coming up or duck-diving. 

Additionally, a wedge has been cut in the tail, which reduces drag significantly.

If you want to have the best kitesurfing in Cape Town, upgrade your foil gear to the new North 2022 range. Contact us at Open Ocean today to get your gear!

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